The most attractive locations for buying a real estate in Zadar surroundings, part 1

Due to its geographical location, traffic connections, natural attractions, socio-cultural richness and economic opportunities in comparison to the rest of Croatia, the region of Zadar is very attractive, and not only for tourism. But once you decide to buy a vacation or residential property in the wider area of Zadar, how do you decide on one among the large selection of smaller places? Sukošan, St. Filip i Jakov, Petrčane, Privlaka, Vir, Ugljan, Pašman, Posedarje, Starigrad… There is no time to visit them all and spend some time in them to truly experience them, so let us help you with the information below.

At the beginning, it is necessary to set the criteria that make a location attractive for buying a real estate, so let’s start in order:

  • Geographical location

The Zadar County is located in the central part of the Adriatic Sea, and covers an area of almost 7,500 km2. From south to west, it is adorned by an extremely indented coast with many easily and less easily accessible beaches, coves, islands and islets, to its east lies the fertile land of Ravni Kotari, while to the north it is protected by the Velebit mountain.

  • Climate

Due to the favorable geographical location described above, the inhabitants of Zadar and its surroundings enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry with an average air temperature of 25°C and sea of 23°C, while winters are mild, somewhat rainy and in some areas windy with an average air temperature of 7°C.

  • Infrastructure

Zadar county is very well connected with the rest of the country by road, and with the rest of Europe by sea and air. The new highway connects it directly and quickly with all major cities in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik), and the new passenger and tourist port in Gaženica makes it easily accessible by sea. Zadar’s airport in Zemunik is small, but it has a regular air connection throughout the year with the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, and during the tourist season from early spring to late autumn with more than 30 European cities such as London, Dublin, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Prague and many others.

  • Facilities

Zadar is the transport, economic and administrative center of the county, so about 60% of cultural, social and economic facilities are located there. It is followed by Nin in the northwest, Biograd na Moru in the southeast, Starigrad in the north and Benkovac in the east. As on the rest of the Croatian coast, tourism is the strongest economic branch of the Zadar County. Most of the smaller towns in the vicinity of Zadar are very well connected to Zadar by road, but also contain facilities necessary for living and vacationing, such as regional schools, pharmacies and shops. The cultural and natural resources and attractions of the Zadar area are almost impossible to list briefly, so we will refer you to the following pages: i

  • Subjective impression

But what if a location has everything you need, you’ve found the ideal property there, it fits your budget, but you still have the impression that is not it? Search further! A very important point when choosing a property is that, in addition to the property, the place in which it is located suits you, not only in terms of infrastructure and facilities, but also by “feeling”. Someone will feel best in a small place with a couple of houses, one store and a rocky beach, while someone else will be more comfortable surrounded by crowds, loud bars, shopping centers, well-maintained concrete beaches or something else. And that’s perfectly fine, which is why we decided to include the subjective impression among the criteria that make a location attractive for buying real estate.

Small port on Zadar coast

After we have determined all the criteria that make a location more or less attractive for buying real estate for housing or vacation, and researched their popularity on the market, we can single out the following places and smaller towns in Zadar County as the most attractive for buying real estate outside the urban area of Zadar.


The small town of Sukošan with the municipality of the same name is located 10 km southeast of Zadar. It is connected to the city of Zadar and Zadar airport in Zemunik, as well as to the rest of Croatia, by a highway. In Sukošan, you will find all the essential facilities for comfortable living and vacation, from an elementary school and a kindergarten and numerous shops to a doctor’s and dentist’s clinic. The shores of Sukošan are adorned with beautiful coves, beaches and clear sea. The offer of tourist accommodation and facilities such as restaurants and bars is very diverse and ranges from basic to very luxurious, and is accompanied by frequent cultural and social events in the summer. Marina Dalmacija, the largest marina on the Croatian coast, is also located in Sukošan, making this place a paradise for sailors. As a result of all of the above, the real estate market in Sukošan is very active, and prices per m2 are at the top of the offer in Zadar County.


The picturesque small town of Sveti Filip i Jakov is located 3 km northwest of Biograd na Moru and 25 km southeast of Zadar. The proximity of the necessary amenities and infrastructure of two larger cities has enabled this place to be an attractive place for living and vacationing with a large tourist traffic in the summer, while at the same time retaining the charm of a small fishing village. The beautiful beaches and the indentation of the Pašman channel have made it a favorite place for summer vacations since long time ago, which is followed by today’s offer of real estate for rent as well as for sale. For real estate in Sveti Filip i Jakov, you will need to spend a little less per m2 than in Sukošan and Zadar, which in addition to everything mentioned so far, is only an additional incentive to decide on this beautiful place.

3. NIN

The first Croatian royal city of Nin is located 17 km northwest of Zadar, and is surrounded by the beautiful sandy beaches for which it is famous. The old center of Nin is located on a small island surrounded by the newer part of the city and the settlements of Ždrijac, Bilotinjak and Ninske Vodice. Whether you decide to stay in the center of Nin or one of the newer parts of the city, you won’t go wrong because the area of the city of Nin contains all the necessary infrastructure and facilities for a pleasant vacation or residence. The historical and cultural heritage of Nin is very rich. Among other things, it houses the smallest cathedral in the world, and the church of St. Nikole greets you with its impressive appearance at the very entrance to the city. On the most famous sandy beach in Nin area, Kraljičina plaža, there is medicinal mud that is used in the treatment of many health problems. The area of the Solana Nin (, where the sea, wind and sun produce salt, and people harvest it, gives the Nin landscape a striking look. Fans of active vacations are attracted by wind surfing on the sandy beach of Ždrijac. All this makes Nin and its wider area a very attractive location for buying real estate. An added plus is the very diverse offer of real estate, from new construction to older construction, which means that sooner or later you will find a property in Nin and the surrounding area that suits your taste and, of course, your budget. Fans of active vacations are attracted by wind surfing on the sandy beach of Ždrijac. All this makes Nin and its wider area a very attractive location for buying real estate. An added plus is the very diverse offer of real estate, from new construction to older construction, which means that sooner or later you will find a property in Nin and the surrounding area that suits your taste and, of course, your budget.

Small port in the center of Petrčane

The small town of Petrčane is located on the coast with vineyard slopes in the hinterland, just 12 km northwest of Zadar, with which it is directly connected by road. It is adorned with beautiful beaches with clear sea from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Zadar area. During the summer season, Petrčane is full of tourist offers, from restaurants to shops and offers of active tourism, and one of the biggest hotel resorts in the county is located right next to the town. Favorable climate, beautiful nature and proximity to the necessary amenities make this place a very attractive location for vacations, so tourist accommodations for the summer are already full at the beginning of the year, which gives additional security when investing in real estate in this location. The place itself outside the tourist season offers few facilities for life except for a few shops, bars, restaurants and a regional school, but the proximity to Zadar and Nin obviously compensates for these disadvantages outside the season because Petrčane has been at the top of the most sought-after locations for buying real estate in Zadar County for years, which is naturally followed by growth of prices per m2.


The island of Ugljan is one of the larger Croatian islands, with slightly less than 8,000 inhabitants, and is certainly the most populated and developed island in the Zadar archipelago. It is connected to the center of Zadar and the port of Gaženica by approximately 25 boat and ferry lines per day, making it quickly and easily accessible not only from Zadar, but also from the rest of Croatia. It is connected with the neighboring island of Pašman by a bridge. The small town of Preko with its ferry port is the administrative and infrastructural center of the island, and it is connected to the other 7 places on the island by daily bus lines. On the island of Ugljan, you will find all the necessary facilities for a pleasant vacation and living, from daily ambulances, pharmacies, numerous shops, an elementary school and a kindergarten, to a hair salon and numerous bars and restaurants with a very rich offer. In the last few years, this island has become a very attractive destination for investors and future property owners precisely because it is easily and quickly accessible from the mainland, but it still has all the advantages that an island offers compared to the mainland – numerous secluded beaches and coves, beautiful clear sea, slow and peaceful island life, as well as the untouched nature.

To be continued…

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