The most attractive locations for buying a real estate in Zadar surroundings, part 2

Island Pag fortress

Below we bring you the rest of the article about the most attractive locations for buying real estate in Zadar region, in which we will present two very popular islands in Zadar county – the island of Vir and the island of Pag, small towns Privlaka and Posedarje and town Starigrad. So let’s start…


Privlaka is a small tourist and fishing town located in the northwestern part of the Zadar County, about 20 km from Zadar and 2 km from Nin, with which it is well connected by road and public transport. This place is characterized by beautiful nature and kilometers of coastline, which makes it ideal for rest and relaxation, as well as housing. The infrastructure in Privlaka is well developed, with various amenities such as shops, pharmacies, a school and a kindergarten, so the small town is permanently inhabited by over 2,600 people.

Privlaka is very famous for its many sandy beaches with a shallow bottom and clear sea, which are ideal for summer holidays with children or water sports such as windsurfing (Mostina, Selo, Škrapavac and Bilotinjak, Sabunike, Vrilo).

Due to all of the above, the real estate market in Privlaka is constantly growing, with a strong emphasis on properties for tourist rent. Prices vary depending on the location, size and condition of the property. Considering the potential of Privlaka as an ideal place to live due to the infrastructure it offers, and the potential for tourist rentals that can provide you with a high return on investment, investing in real estate in Privlaka is certainly a good decision, as evidenced by the growing number of foreigners and Croats who decide to buy real estate exactly in Privlaka.

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One of the most famous sandy beaches in the municipality of Privlaka


The island of Vir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, located in the northern part of Dalmatia. It is about 26 km from Zadar and is connected to a land by a bridge, so it can be easily reached by car or public transport. The island of Vir consists of several smaller settlements located on different parts of the island. The largest and most populated place on the island is the town of the same name, Vir, which is located on the northern side of the island. The town of Vir is home to most public institutions, such as a post office, bank, pharmacy and shops, as well as a kindergarten and district school. There are other settlements on the island, such as Lozice, Torovi, Miljkovica, Slatina, Kozjak and others, each of which has its own uniqueness and beauty. The economic development of the island of Vir is largely based on tourism, and to a lesser extent on agriculture and fishing.

During the summer months, many tourists visit the island for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and various entertainment such as water sports or nightlife. The coast of the island of Vir is very indented, so some say that the entire island is one big beach.

Some of the most famous and most visited beaches in Vir are Žitna, Bobovik, Prezida, Miljkovica and Jadro.

Residents and visitors of the island of Vir have witnessed extremely high activity on the island’s real estate market in the past decade, so it is almost impossible to walk around the inhabited parts of the island without always having at least one construction site in sight. The island of Vir is interesting for both Croats and foreigners, so many of them have already become its “permanent” residents during the tourist season. On the island of Vir, a diverse spectrum of real estate is being built and offered, from smaller apartments and houses for renovation to very luxurious properties and fully equipped holiday villas, so the range of prices per m2 is very wide. The municipality of Vir tries to provide its permanent residents with rich social measures as comfortable a life as possible, which makes this island not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dalmatia, but also a very pleasant place to live.

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The island of Pag is one of the largest Croatian islands, located about 30 km north of Zadar. It is the only island that is located in two counties, so its southern part belongs to Zadar County, and the northern part to Lika-Senj County. The surface of the island of Pag is about 284 square kilometers, and about 8,000 inhabitants permanently live on it. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge, so the island, as well as all of its settlements, is easily accessible by road, but also by daily maritime connections. The capital of the island is the eponymous town of Pag, which is located in the southeastern part of the island. Along with it, there are several other larger settlements on the island, such as Novalja, Povljana, Mandre, Šimuni and Lun.

The outstanding feature of the island of Pag is its dry and rocky landscape, which makes it unique compared to other Croatian islands. The rocky soil of the island is ideal for growing olives and figs, and it is very famous for Pag cheese, which is produced from the milk of sheep that graze on its pastures, as well as lamb meat.

The island’s climate is Mediterranean like the rest of the Croatian coast, but it is often subject to strong wind “bura”.

The island has a well-developed infrastructure and a rich tourist offer, including a large number of hotels, apartments, campsites, restaurants and bars. The beaches and numerous idyllic bays of this island attract a large number of visitors in the summer, and probably the most famous of them is the Zrće beach, which has gained European popularity thanks to its night clubs and electronic music festivals. For those looking for a quieter family vacation, there are numerous other beaches that will also take your breath away with their beauty, such as the beach in the village Šimuni, beach Ručica, Caska, Sv. Duh, Beritnica, Veli Žal i Bošana. In addition, the island offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, diving and windsurfing.

The popularity of the island of Pag as a tourist destination is naturally followed by a very active real estate market on the island. The offer is diverse, from older and somewhat more affordable properties to more expensive newly constructed properties. As in other parts of the Croatian coast, properties located right next to the sea and in small town centers are of course on the upper side of the price range, while properties located little further from the beach and village centers are offered at more affordable prices.

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Pag biciklizam cycling Radfahren
Mountain biking in the beautiful landscape of the island of Pag

The small town of Posedarje is located in the municipality of the same name on the coast of the Novigrad Sea, about 25 km northeast of the city of Zadar. As rhe picturesque “Jadranska magistrala” road passes through the place, and there is an entrance to the highway directly above it, its beauty has attracted passers-by for years and kept them as regular visitors. The town has a little over 1,200 inhabitants, and the municipality of the same name also includes several smaller towns such as Vinjerac, Slivnica and Podgradina. In the center of the village there is all the necessary infrastructure for living and vacationing, such as shops, a school, a pharmacy, a post office and a health center.

In addition to many smaller bays, there are two main beaches in the town, one pebbled and the other sandy.

The place is known for its very rich gastronomic offer, so it is worth highlighting Posedarje prosciutto, lamb on a spit, hard sheep’s cheese, various types of fish and seafood, as well as local wine and olive oil. This picturesque Dalmatian place stands out for its long tradition and peaceful life, which is precisely why it attracts new residents.

In addition to the town center itself, where you can find traditional and idyllic Dalmatian stone houses, as well as some newly constructed properties, the part of the coast of Posedarje that stretches from the town center towards the Maslenica bridge is particularly interesting for potential real estate buyers because there is no road between the beach and the building land plots, which means that by buying or building a property in that area, they would be very close, and if it is a first row to the sea, only a few meters away from a beautiful beach, which is a rare case in larger and more popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast. You guessed it – real estate prices are the highest in that part of Posedarje.

As for the rest of the municipality of Posedarje, the small town of Vinjerac, located in the southeastern part of the Velebit channel, should be singled out. The beauty of Vinjerac has been recognized by many investors, so in recent years newly built luxury properties have been offered there in the first row to the sea or very close to the sea at more affordable prices than most of the locations on this list.

You can find out more about Posedarje and the other settlements in the municipality here.

The view from the remains of the Venetian fortress Kaštelina on the island of Vir all the way to the Velebit mountain above the municipality of Starigrad

The town of Starigrad is located 45 km northwest of Zadar, and is the center of the municipality of the same name, which extends over 20 km of the Adriatic coast. It is overlooked by the mountain Velebit, which brings regular visitors to the area not only in summer, but also throughout the whole year. The road “Jadranska magistrala” passes also through Starigrad, and the entrance to the highway is located in the nearby settlement Rovanjska, so it is very well connected to the rest of Croatia. The city’s infrastructure is well developed, so you can find all the amenities you need for housing and a pleasant vacation.

The exceptional nature of this region – beautiful beaches and coves with crystal clear sea and mountainous landscape within a diameter of only a few kilometers have been attracting visitors looking for an active holiday for decades.

It is an ideal destination for lovers of walking, hiking, mountaineering, diving, cycling or rafting.

The real estate market in Starigrad and surrounding settlements such as Seline or Tribanj is increasingly active, and the offer is rich – building plots, houses for renovation, as well as newly built villas and apartments are offered. Considering the specificity of the landscape, the prices per m2 vary a lot, so it is possible to find a property in very good condition and in a good location near the beach or with a beautiful view of the sea or mountains at a more favorable price than in some equally beautiful but more popular places around Zadar (such as Petrčane or Sukošan), so that’s exactly why this region deserves a place on our list.

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And now all that remains is for you to start an active search for your ideal property in the region of Zadar with the support and advice of a good partner. Feel free to contact us for help at any step of the process. Good luck!