Why to invest in a property in Zadar area?

It is known that investing in a real estate is considered one of the safest types of investment. The main reasons have also been known for a long time – the property brings high profits due to renting and if it is also in an attractive location, the same property will one day when sold not only return the original investment, but also bring considerable additional profit.

As a constantly developing country and one of the most beautiful European countries, Croatia offers its residents and visitors numerous advantages compared to the rest of Europe: a pleasant and health-friendly climate with an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine per year on the coast, countless natural beauties of which there are 1,000 islands and islets, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, a safe and therefore relaxed life, and a developing economy with numerous unused business opportunities. The real estate market in Croatia is very active, and prices are constantly increasing. Considering Croatia’s reputation as a very attractive tourist destination, every year Croats have more and more foreign neighbors and less and less undeveloped land, especially in coastal area.

Tourism is one of the most important factors in the decision to buy real estate on the Croatian coast. If you are not able to use your apartment or house throughout the year or you see it exclusively as an investment, a large flow of people will ensure you a significant return on investment, whether you decide to rent your property for tourism or long-term. As they say, the most expensive real estate is the one that is not used most of the time and stands empty, and considering the fluctuation of people, i.e. tourists and tourism workers, that should definitely not happen to you here.

Zadar county is located in an excellent geographical position within Croatia, and is the center of the eastern Adriatic. A modern highway makes it easily accessible and very well connected to the rest of Croatia, and the Zadar airport counts arrivals and departures from as many as 30 European destinations during the season. The mild and warm Mediterranean climate with little rain makes it ideal for relaxing as well as active tourism for most of the year. The area of Zadar is particularly notable for its natural beauty, so after enjoying the mountainous and karst landscape of the Velebit mountain or the Zrmanja river in just 1-2h trip you could lie on one of the long sandy beaches in the area of Nin or Privlaka, or watch the sunset and the pearl islands of Kornati from the nature park Telašćica on Dugi Otok. See more about destinations within Zadar country: https://www.zadar.hr/en/destinations.

Stone villa with pool

As a result of all of the above, it is not surprising that many people after visiting Zadar area want to stay in it and therefore decide to buy a property in it. The area of Zadar, the city itself and certain municipalities within its county, have been at the top of the charts of economic growth and development in Croatia for years. According to the Report on the real estate market published on the website of the city of Zadar, in year 2021, 2,294 real estate sales with a total value of HRK 2.5 billion were completed in Zadar County alone, and almost every fourth buyer was a foreigner. Among foreign citizens, the Zadar area, as well as the rest of the country, is most attractive to Germans, Austrians and Slovenians.

Of course, real estate prices also follow market trends, so for the past few years, real estate prices in the Zadar area have been on the rise, and according to Eurostat statistics, real estate prices in the whole of Croatia have risen by as much as 40% since 2015. The reason for this is of course not only high demand, but also the boom in new construction, which is initially more expensive than older construction, but also the prices of construction materials, some of which have even tripled in the last few years. If you scroll through one of the most popular Croatian real estate websites in search of a property in Dalmatia or Istria, you will come across a wide range of prices per m2, from 1,000 EUR/m2 for real estate in less attractive area to 7,000 or 8,000 EUR/m2 for newly built, superbly equipped real estate in very attractive locations, such as 1st row to the sea.

If you have been thinking about buying an apartment or apartment in the area of Zadar County, at the time you may expect to allocate at least 2,400 EUR for m2 of new construction, or more if it is in a very attractive location and/or top-quality constructed and equipped. Flats of older construction can be found at much more favorable prices, but keep in mind that such properties require further investments in the form of adaptation or complete renovation, which ultimately significantly increases the price you will pay per m2. For a newly built villa with a swimming pool, you will definitely need to allocate at least 400,000 EUR if it is in a quieter location further from the sea, and if it is close to the beach and the city infrastructure is also very important to you, the price of one such villa can reach up to several million euros. The advantage of a very active real estate market such as the real estate market in the Zadar area is a variety of offers, so with patience and professional guidance, sooner or later you will definitely find a property that checks all your boxes such as location, size, price and other.

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